It has been incredibly difficult but I have whittled the list down to 25 episodes. I will however conduct a final review tomorrow night after giving my brain enough time away. Hopefully I’ve not missed any obvious classics.

The list seems to be heavy with episodes from seasons 5 – 9 when the show really did hit its peak. I have learnt there are some hidden gems after this period even as far as season 13 (none good enough to make the list however) and that I now appreciate this show more than ever. I must credit the website Simpson Crazy for its simple and nicely laid out episode guide which made this task so much easier to complete. Sure there is not as much detail as the Wikipedia pages but I didn’t want an in depth description of the episode, I just wanted a brief synopsis to jog my memory. I will certainly be on there again tomorrow as even now I am feeling guilty about episodes currently not on the list and doubting whether I have got this right. There could definitely be some last minute changes.