Beard and wonderful

The biggest problem that comes with beard trimming is cleaning up the hairy mess you’ve left in the sink and on the floor when you’re done.  Maybe you could try and flush the majority away down the toilet, or even go through the hassle of getting the hoover out for a more thorough job.  But at the end of the day you’d rather just get the heck out of there and be free to continue with your life.

The Beard Bib is a revolutionary invention that makes trimming time easy.  You simply tie its comfortable straps around your neck and attach the two suction cups at the other end of the bib to your mirror, forming a safety net to catch all those pesky loose bristles in.  You’ll never worry about a partner or loved one complaining about the chaos you’ve left in the bathroom again.

The bib comes in either black or white and you can even take it away with you in the convenient travel pouch.  When you’ve finished making yourself look as pretty as possible, the neat bundles of hair you’ve caught are extremely easy to dispose of.  Simply gather the bib together and empty the contents into your nearest bin, leaving nothing for anyone to whinge about.  No mess, no fuss.


Product Features:

  • Comfy one size fits all bib
  • Forms a safety net to catch beard trimmings via the use of two suction cups
  • Makes disposal of hairs extremely easy
  • Handy travel pouch for going away
  • Comes in either black or white