Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PES 2017) is possibly the finest football game I’ve ever played and I think it’s criminal that it will be overlooked by many because it does not have the same licenses as FIFA 2017 does.  The creators of PES 2017 have made it a lot easier to import edited kits into the game this year.  I bought last year’s edition (PES 2016) and although it was still relatively simple, it took much longer to update all the teams correctly.  Thankfully things are much easier this year and most of the work is done for you.  Hopefully I can make things simpler still with this guide.

Things you’ll need:

  1. PS4
  2. PES 2017
  3. USB Stick (the files are not very large so this doesn’t need to have lots of memory)
  4. A computer

Note: I have used a Windows PC however the steps are pretty similar for a Mac (which I used last year for PES 2016)

  1. On your PC go to highlight “Downloads” and select “PS4 Downloads”. On the next page you are presented with the four leagues we are going to be downloading kits for: the Premier League, La Liga, Championship and Serie A.  We’ll leave the competition emblems for now
  2. Download each league’s file to your PC’s hard drive. This is done through a website called Media Fire and you just need to hit the big green download button in the top right of the screen.  The files you download will be zipped and you’ll need to extract the contents somewhere else so create a new folder on your PC for this (I created a new folder named “PES 2017”)
  3. Once you’ve extracted the Premier League, La Liga, Championship and Serie A kits to your chosen folder get your USB Stick and plug it in your PC. In order for PES to recognise the USB stick in your PS4, the files will need to saved in a folder called “WEPES” so go ahead and create this on the stick.   In my experience if you try to transfer too many files in one go things go wrong and the game crashes midway through importing the data.  To avoid this I would recommend importing the files one league at a time
  4. You now have your USB stick containing your folder labelled “WEPES” and the files for one of the four leagues. Boot up your PS4 and PES 2017 and head into “Edit”
  5. Plug the USB stick into your PS4 and select “Data Management” and “Import/Export”
  6. Hit “Import Team” and press X when the message appears
  7. You should now be asked which USB storage device you want to use to import the data from. Select your USB stick and a list of the files to import will appear
  8. Hit the square button to select all the files and press “Next”. The following screen gives you two options and you want to select the second box: “Apply player and squad data” only.  Press OK and watch as the files are imported
  9. Once it’s finished importing the data hit OK and you’re done. You can now check out all the kits and team data in all their glory
  10. Repeat the process for the other three leagues. I would recommend saving after each league import


Here’s how to import the competition emblems…

  1. Download the competition emblems from as you did previously with the kits
  2. Clear out the “WEPES” folder on your USB stick and replace them with the extracted emblem files
  3. Put the USB stick into your PS4 and enter edit mode in PES 2017
  4. Select “Data Management” and “Import/Export”
  5. Hit “Import Images” from the menu and select “Competition Emblems”
  6. Select your USB stick and you’ll now see the competition emblems
  7. Choose “Import All Images” (as long as the competition emblems are the only files in your “WEPES” folder on the USB stick)
  8. Once imported, go back to the main edit menu and select “Competitions”
  9. Unfortunately unlike the kits you need to change all of the images manually, so you’ll need to go through each competition from each country one by one. You can change the name, emblem, details of how a player can receive a suspension, how teams are ranked in a league, where the badge is positioned on players’ shirts and the ball type.  Cup competitions will have other certain details you can amend such as if there is a third place playoff or not
  10. This is a bit more tedious however you can leave much of the details as they are.  You really just need to change the name and emblem for each of the competitions.  I would recommend a save after editing the competitions for each country